Monday, October 29, 2012

Kids and animals...

We went to the supermarket and found the car park was pretty full.... there was a baby animal pop up farm there,  along with some other stalls

A gold coin donation very well spent.  These kids can't get enough of animals.  Even though  we do have a rabbit and two guinea pigs at home,  baby ones are too cute to resist. There were also pigs, goats, chickens, bantams and ducklings.

Even when you feel like you are getting pretty grown up :)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Callum's Karate Win

Callum and Kane started Karate about 6 months ago.  We did a lot of ringing around to find a group that suited us and the boys just love it - especially Callum.  At the end of term the group had a tournament with Callum winning his division 4 (white belts) group.

He was so proud of himself and just thrilled with his medal.  Nice work Callum!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ella Dress for Maya

On Saturday I borrowed Matt's camera with it's fancy lens and took Maya down to the Ballarat Botanical Gardens for some photo's.  The dress is a pattern test I did for Petite Kids Boutique on Etsy and the fabric is from the Flower Sugar range at Ballarat Patchwork. 

The dress is quite easy to make and with it's large tied bow at the back, certainly makes a statement.  Maya felt like a princess!  Aqua is her colour.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My KCWC haul

I know it may have seemed like I was a KCWC fail,  showing no finished clothing that I had made for Maya over the sewing week, 8 - 14 October 2012.

The truth is I am a one project at a time person - or one machine project and one hand sewing/knitting project on the go at any one time.  My machine projects have been for the past few months projects-that-cannot-be-revealed!  About seven of them.

During the week I focused on tracing and cutting out Maya's Summer and Autumn wardrobe, right down to ironing on the interfacing.  I have this lovely pile of projects that I am continuing to add to, and having this all ready to go will take so much pressure off the upcoming trip to Sewjourn. 

We have - Oliver + S picnic shorts, Oliver + S Seashore Sundress, 2 x Oliver + S Sailboat Skirts, Oliver + S Croquet Top, shorts refashioned from a t-shirt, and legging and dress from a McCalls pattern.  I also finished the second bolero. 

It feels great to know that the fabric all came from my stash and that sewing these patterns before Maya grows out of them.  I will also have a lot to blog in the next few weeks :)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Blue Tongues

My kids love lizards.  Especially Kane.  If there is a frog,  or a lizard anywhere he will find it.  We don't usually have these Blue Tongues at our house as we live in town,  but luckily on a large block with lots of great habitat areas for wildlife.

Matt's pics with the good camera :)
This one had a bit of a run in with the lawn mower and lost the tip of his tail.  We kept him inside in a fish tank and fed him snails while it healed - he did escape for a day though,  and we found him curled up between Maya's bed and her dolls house ... on the new carpet'

Matt released him today.  It was beautiful and warm and the kids didn't want him to go.  I'm sure Kane will catch him again sometime though.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Cornwall Park Shrug

Butterfly necklace a birthday present from boyfriend James, age 7
I thought I should take a bit of a break from knitting socks,  and trawled Ravelry for a pattern which I could use up some of my sock wool or 4 ply stash.   I came up with the Cornwall Park Shrug by Kelly Brooker which comes in sizes to fit 6 month old to 10 year olds, and has instructions for 8 ply and 4 ply too.

It took me a long time to get used to this lacy pattern and chart,  as each sleeve is knit at a different chart row from the back.  Every distraction seemed to mess up my counting and I frogged rows more times than I wish to count.  However,  it's finished and a useful little bolero top for Maya to wear when it gets a bit cool and with the lacy pattern I think it will stretch and last a few years.  I made this is a size 7 and it only used up 57 grams of wool, which was Huntington by Valley Yarns.

Maya is so pleased with it.  It's a bit different from most of the clothing I make.  I have started a red version for Maya,  and offered to make one each for three of my nieces too.  I should know this pattern well by Christmas!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Oliver + S Croquet Dress for Maya

Making the Oliver + S Croquet Dress has been on my list for a little while. It is rated level 2 of 4 for difficulty by Oliver + S so I know it would be a dress to take my time over and get the make the most of all the details that are in the patterns.

The pattern features two options for the front and I made view B without the collar. The back also closes with a threaded button loop - the first time I have used this and it was simpler than expected for the nice finish.  I loved making the top of the dress.  It came together perfectly and is a good fit on Maya and I was really pleased with my level of finish.

Yesterday when Maya tried the dress on she didn't like it and I wasn't happy with it either. I considered cutting off the top and making it into a blouse but instead bought some softer elastic for the drop waist and left it the elastic bit longer. It made all the difference.  Maya is pleased with it now and I am confident it will get worn.  The fabric is from the range Children at Play.

I will make this dress again but I think I will use the dress section from the Jump Rope Dress B and use the top of the Croquet dress.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Hat Sew Along ~ and Maya has a big head!

Let's pretend it's still September and that I have made a deadline :).  I joined "Leave your hat on" Hat Sewalong at Solomon Sewing and almost had the hat posted on time!

I used the free download for the Oliver + S Reversible bucket hat pattern that was also in Little Things to Sew.  I made Maya a large,  but unfortunately all the kids have large heads and it's a little small for her.

The pattern comes together very well and makes a cute little hat.  Maya is very pleased with it - and with Princess, but next year I will need to invest in a adult sized hat pattern for her.

Thanks again Carmel for hosting the fun sewalong too!


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