Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Tova Top

My last sew for the year was the popular Wiksen Tova top.  It's been sitting in my pattern stash since June and I get the feeling that I should really be sewing a winter wardrobe in summer so I am prepared when the season arrives.

Matt and Ayden both told me that I wouldn't wear this top because it was too florally. This version is made with Japanese Tana Lawn from Spotlight, which has also been resting in my stash for a about a year. I think it looks okay with jeans and I will also make it as a dress to wear with boots.

This is a size L which is a bit roomy but it all came together very easily and I can understand why it is such a popular garment to make


Jane said...

It looks great especially with jeans like that! And yeah I like the idea of a tunic/dress version with boots.

Kate said...

Looks great, love it in the Spottie lawn.

Karen said...

This looks great Rachel - I hope you are wearing it even though it's floral!


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