Friday, October 25, 2013


It's been a while since I have blogged but life definitely hasn't sat still.  It seems like every year goes faster and faster and these kids are certainly growing up.

Kane turned 11 on 31 August and all he wanted to do was have a day riding his bike and being outdoors. What a great day!  He is one of those adventure boys and such a clever little monkey, and at the moment he loves orange almost as much as lizards. 

Maya turned 8 on 24 September. Maya's birthday always falls in the school holidays, so we had her birthday party earlier and she enjoyed making jewellery with her friends.   For her birthday we went to Sovereign Hill and the kids all joined the "Raspberry Rebellion" and were trainee redcoats for the day. 

Those guns are pretend (of course!) and kids had such a good time learning to be a Redcoat in the 1800's.  At the end of the session,  the cannon shot out bags of raspberry drops onto the parade grounds.

We also had our longest holiday in 13 years and went back to visit Eden, on the NSW coast.  So good to see again for us, and the first time for the kids.  I've never seen dolphins swimming in the wild before, so I could tick that off my bucket list and Matt and the kids saw a few glimpses of whales.  Maya dreams of being a marine biologist or at least doing something with seals and penguins. Matt took this beautiful photo of her holding a sea star.

Matt and I also celebrated 15 years of marriage x


Midge said...

What a fantastic shot of Maya. She looks so happy.

Nikki said...

Lots to celebrate, Rachel! A lovely, joyous post!

Leanne said...

Sovereign Hill is an amazing place especially for a birthday. I consider myself very luck I see dolphins and whales regularly on my morning walks. It's sad our kids grow up so quickly great to see you have had lots of celebrating lately.

our shabby cottage said...

Great things to celebrate Rachel!


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