Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Teachers Gifts ~ and Merry Christmas!

This year,  Kane and Maya both had new teachers from the UK. Most of the teachers know if they have one of our kids they will have a handmade gift bag so I kept my fingers crossed this year, especially with Kane's young male teacher.

As always,  work is frantic as it the school wind down so time to make gifts is so limited and I do appreciate the kids teachers and always hope to make something lovely. I made the same bag for both teachers and filled them with a box of chocolate and a prepaid gift card.  Kane said his teacher couldn't believe that it was all for him!  So nice and the kids do feel so special handing over a bag that they have helped pick out the fabric, lining and design.  This year I used a part of the Christmas Stitchery 2 which is a free download here from the Red Brolly blog

Callum's Learning Mentor went on Maternity Leave at the end of the year. She has been a great teacher for both Ayden in the past and Callum,  as has her husband who is also a teacher at the school.  I didn't get a photo of the complete quilt but had this quick pic on file and can't wait for her to send through a photo of their first baby on this quilt.

Our Christmas was just lovely and after a huge year it was time to relax.  I hope all of you had a Christmas, filled with love and happiness x


Cindy said...

The teacher gifts are lovely! I like the idea of giving a bag filled with goodies. Hope you had a Merry Christmas!

motherof5 said...

You are so lovely!
I must admit I gave Belgium chocolates to all the teachers this year but I want to do more hame crafted.

Your gifts are just so lovely!

Karen said...

Very thoughtful gifts Rach - I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. xx

Helen Keyes said...

I love the red bag. I suggest the each side should be green or red color so that they have more happy signs of Christmas.

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